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Premium Calls

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Respect the stop loss!
Take every trade call. This way you don’t pick only losers
Only use 10-30% of your portfolio on any one call
If you do this, it will be very hard for you not to be profitable. 
Profit ratios are typically above 4 to 1.  With a 4 to 1 profit ratio you only need to win a quarter of your trades to break even.
If a call moves out of the buy zone, don’t reenter unless otherwise stated. If a call stops out, don’t reenter. 

BRD Trade Call

This is a low liquidity pair, to trade this you need to take advantage of the high price volatility and expect wicks. A stop loss timeout is recommended to prevent getting taken out by a ridiculous move. A trailing take profit is recommended as well.

Buy in: 5336-5454

Stop loss: 5232

Take Profit: 5669, 5810

Expected Call Duration: 1-2 weeks

Risk Level: Medium-High

Call strength: Medium

BRD Trade Call by DadShark on

William Giorgio