Shark Charts

A few words from those who have taken the lessons



Learning the adaption to cryptocurrency using Dad Shark’s version of the Macro to Micro trading strategy has 100% improved my trading. There is no more guessing what’s happening in a market, I’ve learned to simply place orders at high probability places with a very low percentage loss. The mentorship isn’t your typical cookie cutter get rich quick scheme, Dad Shark ensures your understanding of key pivots, money management and the tools that are covered. I’ve literally learned to trade for life in all market types with the same strategy. Most importantly, I’m now a profitable trader where 90% of traders fail.


I recommend Dad Shark to any serious budding trader for two main reasons. Firstly, he employs a trading strategy that is very rarely seen. Instead of making predictions based on patterns and random past ‘support lines’ (which always seemed a bit gambly to me!), Shark’s method employs excellent use of mathematics, in particular, standard deviations and price volatility. The result is a strategy that yields high success rates through strategic, well-thought through trades. Secondly he sure knows how to teach! He will challenge you in various ways in order to ensure you have understood the theory, and even if you haven’t, he will develop you at your pace. He has a curriculum which culminates in getting to grips with some brilliant proprietary indicators on Trading View. I myself started with virtually zero knowledge and my journey has been outstanding. Thanks for reading.


Great understanding of markets and an amazing trading strategy that will revolutionize your current understanding of markets and traditional technical analysis. If you want to learn probabilistic trading, Dad Shark’s strategy is for you!

I signed up for private lessons so I could proactively understand and trade the market with an informed opinion, rather than just reacting to the market and hoping that I would make money. Now, I am much more informed. And while I’m still not the perfect trader, I feel so much more confident in my understanding and approach to trading.


I would definitely recommend lessons with Dad Shark and it has definitely given me better insight into price movement and where it may be heading. His strategy helps spot good entry points and the use of distributional volatility and the strategy is transferrable to any market and any timeframe so you can look for long term trends or short term trades. The information he teaches is priceless for future trading whichever market you are in and it gives you a good basis to assess advice that everyone else seems to be giving out on the internet and make better decisions for yourself in the future.


This is a graph of my account balance changes since I started trading with Shark Charts. I'm sure that as I learn and gain more experience I will be able to make larger gains. Current goal isn’t gains, it's consistency. When I'm consistent, I'll consider larger trades to increase % but I can definitely say that my confidence has been on the rise since I started 12/29 and today is only 1/24.