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The Fishing Rod - 30 Days (Custom Volatility Theory Indicators)

The Fishing Rod - 30 Days (Custom Volatility Theory Indicators)

from 12.50 every month

The “Lite” tier is designed to be a low-cost package that has the bare minimum toolset to trade the volatility-based strategy taught at SharkCharts. It includes BB Meow Mix Lite, Wave PM Meow Mix Lite, and CCI with WAVE-PM highlighting. Since BB Meow Mix (Lite) allows for multiple Bollinger Bands and additional moving averages to be loaded from a single indicator, it is possible to get a comprehensive chart analysis from the free version of TradingView which limits you to three indicators.

The “Full” tier is our full-featured package which adds our more complex indicators. 3D WAVE-PM Lite, 3D-WAVE-PM, Mean Reversion MA, and Mean Reversion Period Tracker are the major additions from the previous tier. It also includes the full versions of BB Meow Mix and WAVE-PM, which add support for a wide variety of moving average and standard deviation types.

The “Full + Experimental” tier is designed to be a “full-featured package + buy the developer a coffee” tier. It adds access to the high-resolution 3D WAVE-PM indicators to provide the most pinpoint readings of mass, as well as other experimental and supplemental indicators that may be rough around the edges. While we cannot promise that any new indicators will be launched during any particular subscription period or timeframe, we intend for this tier to get first access to anything new that we build before we refine and add it to the “full” tier.


You will need at least a free TradingView account for us to grant you access to the indicators. The free TradingView tier is limited to 3 indicators per chart and does not allow you to save multiple templates; a paid TradingView subscription is not required for using the “Full” package but recommended as it will make it substantially less frustrating to work with the number of indicators and templates, especially given that many of the complex indicators are resource-intensive and slow to load.


***This purchase is not immediate as we currently need to manually add your TradingView account to the whitelist for the indicators. We will do our best to be prompt, but please allow 24-48 hours for acatwithcharts to give you the permissions required to use the indicators. You should receive a welcome PM on TradingView with links to default templates for using the indicators after you have been activated.

We will use the first full day starting at 0:00 UTC after we have turned on access as the first day of your subscription period.***

Current List of Indicators Included:


BB Meow Mix (Lite)

CCI + WAVE-PM (Lite)

WAVE-PM Meow Mix (Lite)


(all indicators in lite package plus:)

BB Meow Mix

WAVE-PM Meow Mix

3D WAVE-PM (Lite)


Mean Reversion MA

Mean Reversion MA (600 Max)

Mean Reversion Period Tracker

Mean Reversion Period Tracker (600 Max)

Full + Experimental:

(All indicators in the Full package, plus:)

3D WAVE-PM (3x Res Log 14-45)

3D WAVE-PM (3x Res Log 46-200)

3D WAVE-PM (3x Res Log 210-600)

3D WAVE-PM (3x Res Log 625-2000)

3D WAVE-PM (3x Res Lin 14-200)

3D WAVE-PM (3x Res Lin 205-400)

3D WAVE-PM (3x Res Lin 405-600)